0129181535a_Film4today was the day you had but you wished you didnt because not only did you lived through it but you were an important player in the day of a life we call world Dr’s who are not who they say who they are but funny little men getting fat off you and your money at the end of the day you
are not a patient but you are their next paycheck johnny,johnny be good

I had been writing all day on and off several different posts,old school in my composition book I can’t remember a day like that in quite quite sometime when the words flowed like water instead of thick black liquard sludge that smelly stuff that goes on behind those supposably closed doors

Briefly Yours
Roger Wrongway

11 thoughts on “👍 GOOD

    1. I was writing a reply
      But the internet
      suck me dry
      That’s what seas are for
      As I was that in the
      Middle of the bone
      People are truly more….
      Be it late in the day,early morn
      Hunger pains
      2×2 does equal

      Where’s the
      market has become
      The fields,
      Where the veggies
      No one should have to…..
      To be accountable
      Yet a statement sent
      Your are
      The great sum of

  1. Yes, it’s in a doctor’s interest to keep you ill and paying, rather than making you as fit and well as possible. Maybe that’s cynical but for all its faults, our National Health Service over this side of the pond doesn’t have that problem to deal with. Wishing for improved health for you, my friend

    1. I just had a conversation with the Dr,about my feet
      I have been seeing for some time now,he told me that because he sees feet that are worst then mine that he didn’t consider my foot a problem,plus I had asked for him to call me but I ended up calling him,someone has to get their priorities straight and I know it’s not mine who needs…….its very discouraging,life is a tug of war at best,with a msn who cries about his wall and MacDonald fish filet,I know Rosie its different across the pond,but the attitude is always the same

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