1 uncertainty


Searching for the window with the light on,is the tell, saying someone is home,but are they turly there or is a roost, no one knows for sure,brains are used to tan the hide,not to differentiate between being smart or having the gun pointing at your head,who’s the boss standing behind you,tapping your shoulder,Is this the sole proprietor of life,who spoke to modify, whom called for its change,to recreate is the freshest forum of denial, just coming out of the oven,”gbd”,learning the art of life is inevitable,given time

Patience and the cure,one must invest everything one has into life,yes even the blood in life’s veins,it’s hard to carry the weight of love when you are physically and emotionally impared,it’s all of nothing, two step,half step,you’ll dance your way into or out of,in the key of “D” for the songs are the ones  of uncertainty

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