to all my followers

When I first started this blog I had no expectations,I thought I would post my art work and see what kind of comments I would get,little did I know that I would cause such a stir

Then it became Christmas and I went a way,in my mind I thought since I could post enough of my art

Work it was time to bring out my poetry,again little did I know…….

Now after all of this comes,awards nominations,

all I wanted was to express myself,but you good people found more in me than I saw in myself,

There has been so many nominations in the past month,3/4 different ones I’ve lost count,I am so grateful,so honored that I can’t say what all this means,thank you all for giving me support and encouragement,for a family I never had

All I can say is Thanks

I just submitted two of my pieces for a show in May wish me luck

As always Sheldon

14 thoughts on “to all my followers

  1. Best of luck Sheldon… that is so exciting!! Thanks for always being like the family we never had as well.
    Your art and your words are amazing… but you take the cake <3
    xxx -CC

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