The Footed Tree

I sat at the foot of this tree

Full of self hate

There was nothing left in me

Accept a lot of doubt of who I was

Or what it meant to be sober

With a bag of meds

in my hand


how much





The answers weren’t coming

as hard as I tried

I was still running from life

even though I thought I had stopped

I had been sober for what seem a long time

But what time didn’t give





Just to be given life

wasn’t enough

I had to stop running

I had to stop wondering

I had to have all the answers

without the lip

of uncertainty

I sat at the foot of this tree

because I was without hope

I couldn’t see life

Life as I saw


wasn’t looking

for me

Little did I want

Little did I know

That life was there

all I needed was

to look

But it was because

all I saw

was the answer

as a pill

Little did I know

I was still an  addict

Rushing to find my answer

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