The Question

It seems like every blog I visited between last nite and this morning is questioning

I too can’t help myself,  this too is all I do

The human condition is always what I look at on a constant bases………….


Sugar coated

Chocolate center

A stick with

a wrapper

It’s not

“The Question”

There isn’t a magic wand

to wave over head

An angel of mercy who

can fix all of one’s needs

To have all the tools

to fix all ones needs

If there is a maker

then who is the fixer

Who we see all to know

if one can tool the

invention of one’s dream

Who will be the one

to ask this question

Even the one who

is the wiser can’t

always answer the


It is what is inside

of you that causes

you to answer that

deep question

Which is the

possibilities of

your dreams

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