Versatile Blogger Award

versatileJennifer @

Has been a long standing friend and fellow blogger for a very long time. She is always up beat and never lets her sad eyes get her down.

She does these cutting edge comic strips with the most outlandish characters. It is very easy for me to say that in the blogosphere, I would consider her a very close friend. She has nominated me for

The Versatile Blogger Award. At one point she had nominated for

The Wakuwafu Award. But as Sheldon would have it time let me down and I never responded.

Let me just say Jennifer, I am making up for lost time

Please do me one and go check her out

She is a hoot

She will make you laugh

Here are 7 fun facts of The Sheldon Perspective

1. I love to sing in the car especially during traffic jams

2. I love scratching my belly and playing with the remote

3. I love to cook and come up with new recipes

4. I am a hopeless romantic and love a good cry

5. I love finding little restaurants

6. I love laugh at my own jokes

7. I pride myself on being eclectic and staying on the cutting-edge

Now as far as nominating anyone else

never mind 7

Well I will leave that open………

So without further ado

Alfonos drum roll

” Head Elves”

(I wrote this quite some time ago,this is a rewrite,it was written for Jennifer)

Who are these darkers

The ones who live behind my eyes

Supposedly asleep

They come as my mind shuts down at nite

Scary as it is

These darkers all speak at once

Ms Zelda who thinks she’s part animal

Who wears masks as she changes with each mood

Or the Lord and Master who presided of it all

There are so many

It’s hard to keep track

especially when dreams are involved

But where do they come from……..

Is it the bad side of midnite

Or her twisted comic strip world

They should stay on paper

Instead of being in her head

Or behind the eyes of her world


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