Segal,Gates of Uncertainty 4/6

Since there has been so many people asking for more of the story

I am going to give you

Some …………

Mr. Segal, all I am hear for…. ” I know why you are. Why don’t you help yourself rite out of here and let me sleep?”

Segal closes his eyes. He knows he must relax so his mind can focus on those answers he needs in order to get to the pools of illusion. Segal starts to process the evidence, which is how he arrives at the answer. These answers are what he has learned by exposing himself

and through experiencing reality. Segal knows how to play the game even though he has shuffled the cards and cut the deck. Segal never shy away from life even with all his mistakes. All that Segal knows is self taught because those who were his teachers never had enough patience to teach. So being in this white room was yet another lesson he was willing to learn as long as Segal patience would allow. These are the parts of life that are real to him. This is the basic understanding of how Segal perceives life and it’s meaning. Understanding is personal. No one else must accept your understanding as fact. The need for someone else to understand is a weakness on the part of those who really do not know what is real to them. Their really have no understanding whatsoever.

” Mr.Segal, its time.”” Oh Christ, now what?” “Mr. Segal,we have a pill.” “First it’s food, now a pill. What are you trying to do…” ” Mr. Segal, I thought you mite…..” ”  I don’t want your pills. I have enough in my system. All I need to do is close my eyes……. No thank you”

Segal drifts back towards the gates so he may pass through to get a closer look at the pools. The closer Segal gets the more of the reflection he can see. The reflection Segal can see is not his any more. It’s those indecisive years, those years of turbulence. When there were too many wants with too many needs.Segal  wants to get past all of that to where he can sink his teeth into the meat of what matters. But the meat has fat, bone and way too much gristle. Segal still wants to see those hearts he has missed.

“That’s 391 words on a kindle, of course there’s more, but for now….

So stay tuned for the next exciting adventure

Same Segal time Same Segal channel

I hope you have Enjoyed

Goodbye, Farwell, Ado

The Sheldon Perspective



4 thoughts on “Segal,Gates of Uncertainty 4/6

  1. He rises and shows himself once more😊….looking forward to chapter five. Intrigue and suspense on where it is moving…you know you had me at white room…..that’s where I go in my mind to escape and find peace…kind of my happy place so to speak….😊 Peace and love my friend,

    Liked by 1 person

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