Little Big Man


Well ladies and gentlemen

Do to circumstances  within my control

I am home

And in order with the Dr

No cigarettes  or caffeine

So for diversion  I must pick  up

Where I left off

I will be doing more art work

And I  will try to process all the rest of this bad dream



17 thoughts on “Little Big Man

  1. Why no cigs or Red Bull? Something wrong with your ticker? They told me no coffee, so I sent them a stack of articles that said coffee is good for your heart. I say Fuck ’em, I’m going to enjoy whatever’s left of my life. I don’t smoke tobacco, but every once in a while if I’ve got a long dull drive ahead of me, I’ll crank out on nicotine tablets and value-added coffee drinks like Starbucks Double Shot. I probably won’t do that anymore, but it sure was fun! Glad you’re home, anyway, with or without the small pleasures.

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  2. God I promised I would at least lose the cigarettes
    The caffeine I thought I would add that on
    They put me through so many tests
    My arms look like Swiss cheese
    It took me till today to reason with the Dr
    I am so tired
    My pills have sons and daughters
    I have a new family for God’s sake
    I know all of this won’t last
    But I do need to think about what past in front of me
    When I had the crash
    How I walked away in one piece so to speak
    How the car is total
    It’s all a very complicated question
    That I will probably never be able to answer
    So if I give an offering to the spirits in the form of the cigarettes it’s as least as I can do
    It’s to fresh in my mind
    I still feel like I’m living a dream
    Thank you all for the love
    As always Sheldon

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  3. He looks so victorious…like a Bobs big boy on steroids ….if it’s any help, I quit smoking ten years ago when I got,cancer….switched to nicotine losenges…ten years later the doc has no problem with me still being on them as long as it’s not smoking….I say ok….you do what feels right and best for you, you made it through that wreck for a reason, and maybe it will take time but you’re still here…of which I’m glad, where else are we gonna stare at cool art ? So glad you’re back….and just so you know how happy I am, your site was my first stop today as was you comment to me😌 Welcome back,
    Peace and love,

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  4. Hey Sheldon!!!!my friend!!!
    Glad to have you back : ) I have been off and on for a bit lol..
    How are you doing and feeling today? I hope you take good care of yourself and really do it…seems like you are on the good path so far and I know you can do this…just take it day by day my friend and hang in there (I know that you will )
    Oh I need my cigs..well I cut down not to long ago to 6 a day but with all going on im disappointed in myself but always a but , but I am so stressed and in pain that is my go to ..the worst time for me with smoking in when I wake up.. How about you ? when is it the worst for you pain wise or anything? if you don’t mind me asking… This is when I smoke the most…
    I don’t know if you are religious or spiritual or anything so I do not want you to take this the wrong way and upset you but I will pray for you : ) my friend..I do not go to church anything like that but I do like to read the bible I am not one religion it is more faith than anything …But prayers are on the way for you and your family again if you don’t mind if you do just say so it will not upset me or anything of that nature …..I respect others of what the view is…
    Well if you need to talk or vent I am trying to be on here more.. been visiting more blogs and enjoying meeting others on here…..This week is gurl clean up and organize this desk of mine lol..and I have a ol handful of paperwork to fill out but I can not work with my desk like this … everything has a place in my world and this is not working for me lol..
    Also for your arms hurting (was it from blood work) or accident ??? try ice packs on them or I would try heating pad first my friend…I just love swiss cheese yummy…
    K mr you get some rest and happy to see you again and talk..need me hit me up..

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  5. Good to see you again – and I’m glad that you have to quit smoking. My relatives who smoked died early…those who quit extended their lives for decades.
    You can do it. One day at a time…I’m rooting for you.


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