Pickin up the pieces

As my favorite cup fell

Knowing all the while

I would have to find anew

Yet it won’t be the same

It was wore well in certain spots

and had a great feel

I looked forward to those spots

that never would come clean

The cup to me represented my life

and for that there wouldn’t need to be change

Life has a way of speaking

When all you are

hoping for is silence

So I went to the cabinet

I thought I heard a cup speaking


Thank you

I hope the same for you


Because all of you

Being you

As special as you were

I wrote this for you


I wanted to say

I needed special too


14 thoughts on “Everton

  1. Thank you for this beautiful piece of poetry, Sheldon. It is so very powerful and moving …
    Life has a way of speaking
    When all you are hoping for is silence …
    That really is a tremendous line.
    All the best. Kris.

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      1. That’s why I said what I said
        Because you are that one
        I knew it when we first met
        And you nominated me for that award
        That I found another who got it
        And never question
        I love you Laura
        For that
        And I will always be grateful

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  2. I needed this poem for a couple of reasons: 1. I just broke my favorite mug..a simple yellow one that held coffee and tea..I had it for 16yrs…it reminded me of good times and bad times…tiredness and no smokes, trying to clean up the mess, it shattered to the floor..and for about ten mins. I felt shattered with it..got over it and bought two identical mugs (practicality is my middle name, sigh) 2. I don’t think you are special, Sheldon, I think you are unique…simply amazing. You tell it like it is and that is so rare…thank you for how real you are. Katie…p.s. thankyouforlikingmypoemtoo.


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