Keep On Keepin On

I just want to say something in a way that mite just add to others

You mite be feeling as I am rite now, which is a shit popsicle

I’ve been trying to look for a job

Something very low keyed

I’ve been a cook/chef all my life

I know my way around the stove

My point is I’ve been eyeing this one place out for months

I  was there today and I owner was there,don’t ask me how I knew he was, I just knew

I talked to him,and we had a real good talk

He asked questions I felt I gave him the answers

that were necessary to be considered for possible

employment,by the end of our conversation

He said he would call me if he needed me

So why am I bring this out

To show no matter how you feel

You still have to give it your best shot

Everyday no matter what

And trust me when I say I felt like shit

So as it’s been said

Keep on keepin on

The Sheldon Perspective


15 thoughts on “Keep On Keepin On

  1. I must agree with another comment, to say, well said. Well done, as well. “‘Tis in the shelter of each other people live.” (Irish proverb) I think it’s also true, when you help others, you help yourself as well. Feelin’ like shit passes, eventually, in my experience, and, maybe more quickly for the strength of spirit it may give in return to have shared this insight..


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  2. A ray of light in an otherwise stormy sky! I know you are still recovering from being in the hospital and other recent events and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Please know that your art continually inspires me and your comment-poems have lifted my spirits more times than I can count. I’m sending you positive energy for this job opportunity to blossom!

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    1. Thank you Marcy
      You have no idea what your words did for me
      It has not been good the last 2days
      I spent 5 hrs in the hospital yesterday
      My spirits are very low
      So your words is a definite pick me up
      I am working on a new one as we speak
      Thank you again Marcy


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