The Beat Goes On


Good Morning  fine citizens

Today is day 11

Smoke free

Surprisingly I’ve been  pretty calm

So here she is my Sunday Diva

Dancin to the beat



8 thoughts on “The Beat Goes On

  1. OH now this is fun, I like this piece….was trying to read the lyrics….was thinking the song from sons of anarchy…about gonna burn this town…..great on the not smoking thing, I always found day eight to be the worst….but ten years later happy and a lot more loot in the pockets😊 You seem happy and that makes me smile super duper big😊

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  2. Congrats my friend on day 11…So proud of you!!!.. But then I know that you are very strong and not to put pressure on you we are all human as well.. ; ) … May I ask you a question????? How are you doing this?? natural or patch or what my friend?? again congrats to you and keep up the great job.. You are an inspiration to me…
    Huggs to you my friend

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