Day 11

I’m looking for that one word

That will take me

from without

to within

The key to opening the door

to a world without corners

So there’s no place left to hide

What I cherished as a mindful

Became a constant thirst

A water glass

What I once lost

in the beginning

was now ………

That one word

That one word

That one word

As it drops and rolls

under the heaviest

piece of ……

Never to be found


News update

10:43 am

Eastern standard time

Monday 4/2016

11 days smoke free

Still haven’t gone crazy

And let me just say

That we finished the taxes last nite

And there is still peace in the valley

So by all stretches of my imagination

I will live to fight another day

Now as far as the rest of the mess

Pain wise it sucks

I go to the “gi” Dr this afternoon

We shall see

For now I’ll say good morning

And above all peace



15 thoughts on “Day 11

  1. Shel,
    I’m happy to hear you’re doing so well with leaving the tobacco.
    Feel free to ring me—781.854.8910. It will be great reconnecting.

    Eddie G

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  2. Having had GI issues for 30 years, I empathize w/ the pain, for sure. I can tell you, it does pass, and, making necessary lifestyle changes to get healthier will definitely help in the long run, and not only for your lungs. Look also at diet; most of what is in the stores is NOT good for you, nor will it help the GI issues. But, eating right WILL help…

    Good luck, my friend; be patient; the strength we need is always there, inside; the trick is to find it where it keeps hiding…


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