Leap Forward


Today is 2 weeks

Smoke free

Still feeling OK mentally

Physically  not so good

I have two Dr appointments

I have my fingers crossed

I’m in a lot of pain from the accident

I need you guys today

All my tears are dry

Too many lose ends

I needed this piece this morning

To put me in a better place

Thank you  all for your support and  encouragement

As always

The Professional Cannon


15 thoughts on “Leap Forward

  1. I am cheering you on from the sidelines my friend, unlike Lucy who yanks the football away from Charlie at the last minute, I know you’re going to grab it by the ball and run far and deep. Always in my thoughts and prayers…the cannon….fire that shot and make it count. I know you can do it 😉
    peace love and amazing things,

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  2. Hang tough, and keep looking inward to find the strength you need; it’s there. As one who lives with pain, and bowel issues, I know how hard it is to endure… but, here I am. To me, that means it’s a matter of getting through it until it changes again, which it always does. Living & eating right helps the changes move in the right direction…

    And, we’re all here….

    Blessed be, brother….


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