It’s no secret


Secrets are not meant to be heard

Otherwise they wouldn’t be

It’s obvious that he wanted to have a private life

Given the skill set that he had

He didn’t need to convey

anything but his music

Whatever he put into

his body was his business

Is it questionable

only if he was pure

as he was supposedly driven

You can run from life

But it will not be a secret

as far as where

you end up

If you don’t deal with life

as it was meant to be

The death will speak




As the words

are no longer

part of the

quiet storm


4 thoughts on “It’s no secret

  1. I sit here with an elephant on my chest, breathing in the evening moments that slip past as I rush by in my mind, watching the news, then remembering why I don’t, elephant on my chest and the flashlight finds the antacids…precious relief not needed for so long….I shall continue to look to stars in the sky for the passing lights, for it brings peace and slowly the elephant slips into the shoes of a bird…flying soundlessly away…and I breathe…..
    What people do in their off time does not matter….it never diminishes the gifts given and received….thank you for being a gift in my life….peace and flight,

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  2. As long as you can get pass the physical
    And live in the moment
    When feel the emotion
    That will revive the physical
    You have come full circle
    To where the elephant doesn’t matter any more
    You have won big time and for the rest of your life
    Uncle Dysfunctional


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