Michael FEAR


Walking in darkness

I lit the torch of fear

As I stumbled from

corner to corner

I was never really free and clear

What stands between me and

fear is the loss of control

I have never been without

so I don’t know how

I will be able to

feel without the fear

Unknown territory

there isn’t a way

to mark how

I will get back

It’s up to my instincts

to be able to walk

a while in the


before I can see

my way past the





8 thoughts on “Michael FEAR

  1. Deep and Cainish….you never quite knew where you stood with the man, depending on circumstance, and the mood, and everything that lies between….that’s why he was awesome….just like you my friend, soul searching awesomeness….peace and Michaels….K

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  2. Nicely matched duet of words & art; broody & oddly positive at once. Cool.

    If there’s an answer to fear’s question(s), I’ve always liked Twain’s… “Do the thing you fear the most, and death of fear is certain.”


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