One Leg Sheldon


My tears have tears

Cries are over heard by the voices in my head

Screaming now and then

Hating what a car can do

other than a peaceful drive

A prisoner in my own body

No one to sit and commiserate

Mentally I’ve been forced

Physically I’ve been challenged

My face has taken on new expressions

that speaks pain and no

one else wants understands

Could this have been karma

Or was I in the wrong place in time

I scream the words in anger

Yet no one seems to be listening

Not a “but” between us


I don’t know which is worst

The pain in my body

Or my mind trying to figure all of this out


23 thoughts on “One Leg Sheldon

  1. My dear Sheldon,
    If I could sweep away the pain
    like dust into the pan by the broom
    I’d be the happiest cleaning lady ever,
    but because I cannot
    I shall just sit here beside you
    holding your virtual hand
    and pray for better days.
    Peace and love,

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      1. Good morning Sheldon,
        Hope your pain has taken a break for awhile,
        I’m glad to have been there to hold your hand
        And that I scroll through my email this morning and find so,e awesome Sheldon art pieces….
        I won’t wish you a happy Monday because when you hurt, happy doesn’t come so easily, so how about minor pain Monday to,you my friend? Peace, love and popcorn
        Don’t ask my why popcorn……one of those wacky days I s’pose.


  2. I’ve endured two lumbar fusions and am in relatively constant pain trying to make a body that doesn’t quite work right shuffle through each day. So my empathy for you is boundless, my friend. I also hope your spirits lift soon. Feel free to write me if you ever would like to talk.

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      1. It gets easier, trust me. There are as many ways to endure, and you are a strong person with a soft and lovely heart. Our down days will come, but there will be an upswing that you can take advantage of as the pendulum rocks. If we can use that momentum to simply keep moving forward, it definitely gets less challenging. Just keep your head up, my friend, and keep writing. We’re really listening to what you feel and have to say, and we’re here for you. We aren’t just comments, but flesh and blood individuals who only want you to succeed. And you will.

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      2. Thank you very much
        I really needed to hear that
        My lows today are somewhere between bottom and the pits
        The pain meds are messing with me
        My anxiety is higher than my normal
        The person I was using to help me get around is not as reliable as I would like
        It’s just is going to take some time for me to adjust to all of this
        I hate change
        Especially when it comes to my body
        And I can’t do what I use to
        I am feeling so helpless
        My tears have tears
        Thank you again Darryl
        See you on the other side of creativity


      3. Is your e-mail the same still as the one you used when you accidentally messaged me instead of your friend? If so, I’d like to talk a little. I’d like to tell you my story at the very least if you want to hear it. Believe me, I know what you’re going through and I feel like it would be good for both of us.


  3. Without the details of your injuries & status, I can’t say how long you may have to endure the frustration of dealing with pain. What I do know, after more than 23 years of chronic pain, from back injury and degenerative arthritis, is this; in time, you’ll learn to endure it better. The patience, and mental attitude that works best to mitigate the severity of any episode, that your are in the process of learning now will stand you in good stead. Each must find their own inner path to the space that allows us to put the pain in its proper perspective, for in the end, it is only another piece of data input for your mind, and what you do with it can be controlled.

    As you noted in another comment, just finding a new position, that helps ease the pain, is another step on that path…. So, hang in there, my friend. My own pain is such that it won’t ever completely go away, and I suspect yours will always be, at least to some extent, part of your future; how we handle it is up to us; it’s good you are able to accept help & support, for many just give up….

    Hang tough, and, blessed be, my friend


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  4. I’m lovin’ your creativity with your blog home page — nothing there but blue blocks, so we have to take a stab into the unknown and see what comes up, just like life! Keep rollin’….


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