This Whole Heart of Mine

I want everyone to read this
Read me, hear me, touch me……….

Sheldon Kleeman

I’ve pouring my heart out

These words I speak are like knives that have been thrown,

now lodged in my back and I have been screaming from the inside take them out

But now I am coming from yet another

This journey I sort has brought me full circle

Today I have hope

I want this life of mine to speak in order for others to know what darkness is

So if they wander into it, they should know that there a lite that shines to its end

I want to give back, the lite that I never had, but now is mine

So that there’s one less person with a heart that is broken and their pain is never again

(I am coming from a different place today, this was meant as explanation of some of the poems I have been posting,there has been some deep wounds that need…

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8 thoughts on “This Whole Heart of Mine

  1. Excellent one to reboot Sheldon, one of my faves…but then again there’s many….I’m singing songs from Tommy now….but I like that song too….see me, feel me, touch me, heal me……listening to you I hear the music😊

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