This Ones 4 u


There been a lot of love being dished

out in my direction.  I would love to say

how much I appreciate  this support

and encouragement. I consider you guys

my extended family since mine have disown me quite  some time ago

But enough of that.

So I am dedicated this collage to all

of you.

24 days smoke free

Have a great weekend

And above all  peace


4 thoughts on “This Ones 4 u

  1. Woo hoo, 24 days and still rocking it my dear friend. Sooooo excited….and so happy for you. I love this piece, almost like a Gwynith Paltrow in gear…..saw her on a cover today with amazing abs, was jealous for about one second and thought, I’m not her, she’s not me and I rock too…sometimes you just have to have that positive self I,age, even if it’s not 100%. I do so believe in you, I know some days are just a bite in he ass but I have faith hat you will rise, you are amazing and I love you for being you,,warts and crankiness and all….OMG….you are human….welcome to the funhouse my friend, peace love and waffles….just because I’m snacks for waffles.😎🍕ok, pizza, there is no emoticon for waffles…bastards….

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  2. My destiny is to be the king of pain
    I have no regrets
    I’ve lived life to its fullest
    I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished
    My experience,exposure
    Pain on l y hurts if you think about
    You can go there you just can’t stay there
    The Sheldon Perspective

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