Raunchy Smell


People come and go

so quickly with


revolving door

I can’t remember all

their names just

the ones who brunt

& how I have nothing

left to show for it

Accept the marks

where the cigarette……

Those two fingers

that are burnt

because the butt

stuck to my lip

As I dragged my

finger rite

pass the ash

People come and go

so quickly with




The only thing

that sticks

Is that raunchy

cigarette smell


7 thoughts on “Raunchy Smell

  1. A mo th, yay, I’m so,excited and proud of you my friend, I remember the burns on the fingers when I smoked, and holes in clothes, and the smell hat clung and followed me everywhere. It’s been ten years and now I still don’t want one….don’t miss it at all and it’s funny because so many people down here smoke….they’re cheap compared to NY almost half price so I can see why they do it. Hope all is well and happy cinco de mayonnaise. 😂

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  2. Cinco de mayo
    You have been such…..
    I can’t begin to express my gratitude
    I can’t believe the spirit that came through the screen
    I know it works like that I’m just amazed
    I’ve been doing Reiki for over 15 yrs. I know how spirit travels
    Thank you again
    Prayers and blessings


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