Smokin if you…..


To walk in man shoes

You’ve got to walk a lot

Yea depending  on the

year of that man

I would say it’s a life



I’ve seen a lot

Maybe to much

But what I’ve seen

You can’t read about

You can’t go to school to learn

A man once told me

standing at my front door

Give me my money

Or I’ll tear off your arm

Oh Yea

& he said if I didn’t

come up with the cash

He beat me with my own arm

To walk in another man’s shoes

Is more than just

someone’s  life

It’s a lifetime  of

being yourself

& not caring

who knows you

So now it’s 10pm

2 more it will 12am

For me that’s a month

& not only a month

But one less smoke in my hand



18 thoughts on “Smokin if you…..

  1. I love this art piece, and like I said on the raunchy smell, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Yay you, cheering loudly, well kind of, my abscess is getting worse….may be of to a new dentist today…don’t have one down here with the recent move….argh….annoying waking up every two hours in pain, but I shouldn’t complain, I’m sure you know the feeling quite intimately. Happy Thursday pal😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So sorry to hear
    You have surface blood vessels
    In your head, hands, feet
    That’s why so much pain
    You need clove oil,tea tree oil, gargle with warm water
    Take care you are in my prayers


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