Not All




There’s a pain in my heart

As well as what I see

A pain of a society

As the fire roars (raw)

A pain that the climate will change

As snow is just a story ever after

As the rain cries for the parched ground in need

A pain in the words that are said

Because a sentence doesn’t always end with the word no

A pain does not have an answer if the solution is a pill

So if society has an answer

To survive without

We can’t give up

We can’t give in

Yes it may be part of…….

But as a whole pain is not all of the process


10 thoughts on “Not All

  1. This spoke to me this morning, I’m sure in your words everyone takes something different away and for me after the first full nights sleep as the pain took,a back seat ride to necessity of slumber, I awoke refreshed to find this. Thank you for you Sheldon, you make my day with these amazing images and words. Peace and love and good morning sweets, K

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  2. Thank you Kay
    That makes my day
    I been having this intense pain since yesterday afternoon
    Got 3hrs sleep last nite
    It really hard on me
    Since Wednesday was a good day
    I even tried to call the Dr never heard from him
    Oh god
    Good morning Kim
    I don’t mean to complain
    As always Sheldon


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