Dinner For “1”


Standing outside

with my nose

pressed against

the plate glass


Looking inside

at all the people

Laughing,eating,and enjoying

Not only am l hungry for food

But I want what they have

Money can’t buy their joy

Or the conversation they are having

The laughter that comes with life

I’m standing on the outside lookin in

It’s hard to eat at the restaurant

when you are a party of one

But that’s how you have to look at life

It’s the imperfections of the perfect life

You can only slice a pie oh so many ways

But you  can’t slice depression

cause it won’t cut with a knife

So while I’m standing here

with my nose pressed against the glass

I lick my lips & think of you

because while I hear my tears

Yours are only heard on the inside



9 thoughts on “Dinner For “1”

  1. Another piece of sadness through brilliance my friend, I shall pick out a big piece of happy pie for you and send it along with loving thoughts, peace and love and check your mail, E that is, and are those bunny ears on his eyes?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did
      Thank you
      Just woke up from a nap
      Just in time the blue meanies were after me
      How was your cruise down the river
      Glad to have you back
      No sadness
      Just Sheldon Perspective
      “There no hope for a joker like you
      There’s no hope for a joker like me
      Cause you know baby the joker is the wild card”

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