Eyes of the Wizard

Lords of the Vale

If not the

Mask than Who

Shall speak In Silence

I lower my Eyes

To meet my


For there Isn’t

Any strength In

Theses Hands

I’ve taken What



& Creatively

Made it Simplistic

An old man is not Weak

Until he Admits

It to Himself

The last Bridge

Is not the Final

I’ve not Come

That far just Yet

Eyes of the Wizard

Lords of the Vale

For the words often Spoken

Are not the words spoken in Haste






13 thoughts on “Wizards&Lords

  1. Most excellent Super S, and this was always one of my favorite of your pieces too…that and the staircase one of course😊 Peace and love on a Tuesday afternoon from a dentists waiting room😷🤐


  2. Profound and wonderful poetry. The last two lines resounded in me — it’s true; words said in haste without much thought are very different than the ones we voice when time and consideration are at hand.

    Liked by 1 person

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