FFF32 Sh-Boom


It’s that time where I get to take my words

And twisted them into……..

What ever my mind dictates

Matt from bookblogger gave us

The prompt of the Sh-Boom by the Crew Cuts

So without further ado

Alfonso drum roll



Life could be a song

But that’s not

good enough w/o

Backbone and its beat

How about treble and bass

Meeting in the middle

Finding the


of it all

If the sound ain’t


Then how could

You be jumpin

Life could be a song

With all good sounds

But if you ain’t in the mood

And it ain’t got


Where is the song




26 thoughts on “FFF32 Sh-Boom

  1. I want to
    I want to
    I want to take you higher
    Baby baby light your fire
    BOOM chak-a-lakka-lakka
    Ha ha ha
    Sly baby
    The lady horn player just passed
    Sad there’s only a few of us still left
    Love you CRAZY little thing that just gone crazy
    How did you get a name like crazy little thing
    The JOKER

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  2. I was thinking the life could be a dream song too that mom listened to…now I think I have to YouTube something else, like you, a little slow today, or maybe just I am….I like lighting the fire….JM made my dreams quite fun as a kid…yeah baby….white lace shirt and black leather…ok, I’ll stop now😊

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  3. Witam
    Nad zagłówkiem wyra nie powinno być wiszących szafek,
    to nie pogłębia dobremu spaniu. Zakłuca sen. Tak samo jak
    nie powinno istnieć lustra w sypialni skierowanego w stronkę łóżka.
    Przerabiałam to. Feng shui


  4. My friend and former co-worker Phil McRae who retired last year is the son of Floyd “Buddy” McRae an original member of The Chords who wrote, created and sang this song which was stolen by other imposter groups. This documentary is about Phil’s Dad Buddy McRae who has since passed away. African-American singers were often cheated out of the rights and control of their music.

    The Chords: Sh-Boom Documentary

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