FFF32 Still…….

Ok ladies and gentlemen

So I’m late

But as the man said

It’s not how fast you mow

It’s how mow you fast

So Matt at thebookblogger

While I usually participate in……..

Well for reason of lunchness

I let it slipped though my oatmeal brain

But I still manage to pull it out at the eleventh hour

The song is ” Still in Love”

By Electro Velet

So without further ado

Alfonso drum roll

Still In Love


If looks could kill

Maybe not

But they stopped me

To at least……..

Your eyes spoke

Beyond your words

They wanted me to stay

Even though I knew I should run

But this is what I’ve been looking

Those looks that could kill


Did I try  deny

But I could help myself

&those eyes

Eyes of green

With those long lashes

They somehow found

Into my so cold heart

I wanted to..

The look in your eyes

Comes once in a lifetime

And this time

I wanted a lifetime with you


15 thoughts on “FFF32 Still…….

      1. Ha, I try to hide from mine at times, there’s only so much going on In There that I can write about here…too many eyes, too many questions that I choose not to answer😬 it’s working for you though my friend, I get the tooth ya led tomorrow so not much talking, just writing😀
        Peace and love,


      2. you have at least for me to speak
        I made a decision when I started posting my poetry
        That I was going to go for it
        To let it all out
        I had such a transformation
        Such an awakening
        That I’ve never been the same since
        I had did a lot of work prior to this,with some help
        But it was my decision ultimately
        We all get there sooner or later
        Thank you Kim


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