On My Own


I don’t care what you know

My heart cuts it’s own

I wish I could

of shed a

tear for you

Like love is suppose……..

But when love




with its own

My love must come first

before I can love another

Broken hearts

come & go

But one that


by its own

stays broken

Cause before

I let it


broken by another

I want the chance

To break it on my OWN






6 thoughts on “On My Own

  1. The first person who broke my heart was me. Very true. We are our own worst lover, friend, enemy, etc. — it all starts with how we see ourselves. Pain isn’t born from the outside but from within. Hmm, deep stuff as of late, Sheldon. Your words have been extraordinary.

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    1. We never stop growing and never stop feeling, my darling Sheldon. Whatever it is you’re going through, embrace it — keep writing and keep an open heart — but more importantly, keep writing. Lol. Really good stuff. I’ll visit again soon. ❤

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  2. Love,the red leather and I want that dress….love the time pieces….I really like this collage Sheldon, and excellent words. The last time my heart was broken was August 25 2012…the day my dog Zip died…..broken hearts suck….but they get patched back up with time….and new dogs fill the void and new love lives on in a different way….Good morning Sheldon, coffee time😊🐕

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