What Jack Built



Where the pave road ends

& the gravel road starts

Building walls starts……..

Crossing the bridge begins……..

There’s a journey

in all of us only

some know how

to find it’s path

Building walls starts….

Instead of crossin……….

There’s a pave road

that points to the path

Just a few more steps

is where the journey……

Hearing voices are

the echoes bouncing

off your own walls

I hope you can see

passed all your fears

To walk across the bridge








11 thoughts on “What Jack Built

  1. Yes my dear Sheldon!!!
    Beautiful and I have ..I can see now the path the way..Hard work but they say it pays ….
    I have been saying this for awhile to others I feel a change coming and even in my health but I am also taking charge more lots more of the Dr’s I see…bout ready to fire one of them…If you don’t want to help me to do my best with my illnesses than You are not on my team….
    OH MY Dear Sheldon ..I was making a reply to the post you made and WP it was towards the end ..you know the one on the right? where it notifies you when someone likes your blog post and all that well I lost you man!!!!.. So I will find it and start from the beginning it was the one you were telling me how you were doing the ball on the foot and how getting your mind off of the pain by doing art or like you said even a blog post helps…Well I SO UNDERSTAND THE POINT YOU MADE and YES i did feel better after I posted a blog post…I am trying to make more time for ” me time” since usually my day is full of paper work and bills and all that for 3 households and a handful of other things like taking care of my dad..But I have to take care of myself per dr orders as well and always said from them lol…
    I really want to thank you since I am here now for talking to me like you did I really relate to it and you on that…It means a lot to me for you to take the time out of your day or night to reach out and tell me your story and care about me….Now if I can get more “me time” things I like to do like be on here and knit and sketch and other things…But a change is coming and I have said and felt this for a long time but really things are getting in order so I thank you again…please keep in touch and as always I am here for you…and love your work…

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      1. That is for sure sheldon dear a never ending learning curve so freakin true my dear how true…I am doing my best to tell you the truth with fibro fog and head injury and stress and you name it, it is so hard to stay focused but I am trying my dear.
        I would so love to hear more from you hun…I can not wait ..but I will until the end of time if needed my friend…
        OMG Sheldon hun…If you want to talk I AM HERE FOR YOU….I WISH WP HAD PRIVATE MESSAGE ON HERE..IT’S A MUST “I THINK’….
        do you want my email??

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  2. Yes my friend,
    Walls don’t serve much purpose except in keeping others out, but as I’ve found a lot of darkness can scale the walls, to,see,what’s on the other side perhaps, so with no walls, they see and move on, too much goodness, no fear if there are no walls, but the bridges can be scary so we look ahead and not down, unless it’s a low bridge with pretty koi below waiting for a meal. I like bridges…and dirt paths….and anywhere that leads to awesomeness…..like here for example. Thank you Sheldon, peace and positivity always,

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    1. Practice practice
      I write just about everyday
      Some get posted and sometimes not
      Sometimes it’s starts as one
      But by the end it ends as another
      It just depends how the wind blows
      My pen is always pushin
      My scissors will cut …….
      Thank you Rose

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