The Door


It took 62 years

To seek

And another

To find

I allowed


The space

To fall

& make


To learn




In terms…..

With a belief

I would resolve

The conflict


When I picked

my Head up

What I saw

Was not only a lite

But a lite from w/in

When I said to the world

You take a back seat for now

And quieted the rest of the noise

I found a better world than I thought

Because I felt rite for the first time w/in

Ok I’m playing with the cards

It’s been back to back pain

But if I allow myself to only

Speak of the pain

Than that’s all I will say

I can’t write it day after day

My hopes is that it’s coming to an end

Because Friday I go for a shot

You guys have been everything

To me

My rock

My voice

My tears

My everything


I thank you

The Sheldon Perspective




22 thoughts on “The Door

  1. Please let me know how the shot goes…I am here for you and you know that…
    Hey at least you will get the best sleep ever…until the(mean) nurse wakes you up lol…I call her mean since you are sleeping so damn good…
    I just always hated the wait till the appointment and then the IV..Once the IV is in then just relax and wait your turn…Your wife gonna drive right hahaahah…Just enjoy the GOOOD DRUGGGS means less to no pain..
    How is this Sunday treating you??

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  2. He claims that in order to hit the spot rite I need to be out
    I never had been out before
    I had all kinds of injections
    The only reason I’m trusting him
    Is that I’ve had a good feelin about him
    There’s a connection
    And there a bed side matter about him
    He looks you straight in the eye
    No bullshit about him

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    1. Hmmm, I wonder why all of a sudden this one wants you out.

      My current hand surgeon wanted me out for my upcoming wrist surgery. I’ve had 4 joint surgeries with either regional or local anesthesia. Watched all of them but one, and that one was a fusion where they cut bone. I told this guy, very nice guy, that general anesthesia makes me sick for weeks and if there was some reason for not doing regional with sedation, then maybe we weren’t a good match. He changed his tune.

      I’ve operated with surgeons who like to sing while they work, or listen to loud rock music. One particularly obnoxious facial plastics guy liked to tell stories about the porn movies he and his wife watched. Gaaaaaa! There I was holding tiny retractors and couldn’t just drop them and leave. The OR nurses were used to him.

      Anyway….whatever you feel comfortable with. I hope it eases your pain! I found out recently that there are now artificial discs. Wish they’d had that years ago. I’m not a candidate due to bone spurs and lots of arthritis gunk, but if I was I’d sure jump on that.

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  3. I understand you
    I’ve been sitting
    On my butt
    Going close to
    Two months
    This shit is getting real old
    Real fast
    I’ve been bull dog
    By Dr left and rite
    My stomach is still not rite
    And I can’t get the gastroenterologist
    To call me back
    My tears have tears
    If it wasn’t for my mind
    The lite that shines within
    I would be playin sea hunt
    In my spit
    Do you hear where I’m comin from
    I’ve layed in my bed
    And I’m sooooooooooooo tired
    I’ve got to move on
    This is my only shot to move on
    No plan B
    I’m not good at sitting still
    I have to move
    I love you Laura
    As the King said
    It’s now or never
    The Sheldon Perspective

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  4. First off, I love the artwork, knowing what I know of you
    Fits like a thousand doors of perception with the one falling/pushed in to go beyond and through…
    I imagine we feel this way and to break on throu to the other side,
    You will shine your light sweet Sheldon,
    You will dynamite your way through like the Super Sheldon we know and love.
    Your words, another beautiful compliment
    A strong truth
    Live your life
    Leave the pain with the prick of the needle
    Be happy
    Be all you need moving through life….
    Now I’m singing Freddie….don’t stop me now…I’m having such a good time, I’m having a ball….now that song makes me feel like a super nova….yeah,
    Happy Momday
    Good morning
    Peace out,

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    1. Oh god Julia
      I was just thinking of you
      The other day
      And here you are
      I went to check on you but didn’t leave a message
      I been having issues
      To much to say rite now
      Herniated disk
      Pinch nerve
      The list goes on
      Good to see you
      Thanks for visiting

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