Form, Function,Fume


I’m bended knees

Beggin please

Tryin to make it rite

I only heard

Dead silence

& the smell

Of your fume

I couldn’t

Understand why

It’s not just


It’s life 101

And you got to

Find a


When it comes

To people

You got


Time ticks faster

Then minds move

I’m fallin on

My knees

Begging please

From my mouth

To God ears

You got to


Time ticks faster

Then minds move

It’s all about









9 thoughts on “Form, Function,Fume

  1. Asking and receiving, giving and giving all,
    Life is a beautiful place, gardens of beautiful places slip through the mind
    Gathering time to watch it tick
    Letting the mind relax and for just a slip of time being back in another time
    I love this Sheldon,
    You’re on a roll and the image made me smile….is that the titanic? Or Lusitania? I have a thing for ships that sank….have since I was a child,
    A gift from my grandfather who’d let me read his grown up books….that’s all I asked for when he died, and his hat….
    Beautiful Sheldon,
    I took yesterday off for the most part, did a lot of shopping trying to get the last room together,
    Was getting frustrated, but when I let it go, boom….found what I was looking for just like that.
    Good morning my friend,
    Sending hugs and smiles and joy….lots of joy to add to your light jar😊

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  2. I really like the use of enjambment. It gives internal music of the ticking time, or trickling thoughts, to the whole poem.

    Dajena πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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