OK ladies and gentlemen

I am opening my world a little

Wider here is my other daughter

2 year old Lillian

But known as Lilly



11 thoughts on “Lillian

  1. Now,that is just the cutest little face…OMG…,that would make me smile every day….I adore dogs and love my two nitwits more than anything….they bring me joy. What kind of dog is Lilly? I had an Aunt Lillian, she was a grand lady. Thanks for opening the doors a bit, it made me smile😊
    Peace and pups,

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  2. Ok Rose
    I got it
    She is part of the family
    Just as any pet is
    She has a different name every time I call her
    Your so funny didn’t you know that New Yorkers put mustard
    On their hot dogs


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