FFF34 Yesterday…….


It’s that time when I get to push my pen to the limits

Matt at bookblogger give me the opportunity

To take a standard song and put my spin on it

This week it’s a Carpenter’s song Yesterday Once More

So without further ado

Alfonso drum roll

“Yesterday Once More”

You step out

Every once in a while

And drift back

Time of innocence

When life was simple

& there were no strings attached

I can still feel the freedom

Playin from Sun up to Sun down

Those summer breezes

When we chose sides & played

It wasn’t for braggin rites to win

It was the fun of the sport

When I step outside & think of times

when blue jeans were dungarees &

sweat was the bell of the ice cream truck

Times of innocence

When life was simple

& the game was 3 feet off the ice


15 thoughts on “FFF34 Yesterday…….

  1. Hey you could not hurt dungarees lol..
    The sweater times of life.. the innocent ..the summer breeze…great times…DO kids even play outside today???..
    Beautiful as ever..reminder when times were simple like you said..nice flashback
    Hugggggggggs My dear sheldon

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  2. I listen to the carpenters a lot and now need to revise…rainy days and Mondays keep rising like cream to the surface and I know it’s not the right song….I get aggravated when the old chemo head kicks into overdrive, esp. On things I know life my ABC’s….argh….love the glimpse into Sheldon-land….it does exist she says with a grand smile. Thank you, I needed this my friend💜 your daughter is a wise soul!

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  3. I can certainly relate to this poem. I remember all this stuff — playing from sunrise to sunset, the chime of the ice cream truck, playing sports for the fun of taking part. (I certainly didn’t play for the glory of winning because most of that went to my much more sporty younger brother.) 🙂

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