Brain Washer


The bartender eyes the customer

While I listen with my third ear

What will it be tonite

The lady looks, stops, and slowly says

If you can’t dance to life, it ain’t the music

The bartender replies

Like a lampshade in a whore house

again he says what……

I’ll have a love cocktail

Shaken not stirred

And a pain chasers

The bartender didn’t

miss his stride

Poured the drink

handed it to the lady

She smile with a thanxs

And I wonder is

this really happening

So after she


her drink

& left

I said to the bartender

was that for real

The bartender said yea

She comes in here all the time

Well what’s in the drink

He says that’s between

Me and these four walls

As long as she pays

is as long as she stays

My inspiration today

Was from my Friend and Fellow blogger


Her blog

Do me

And check her out

She is a great pen pusher

And can lay down words

With the best of them

The Sheldon Perspective




7 thoughts on “Brain Washer

  1. Hahaha! Ah, Sheldon, that was terrific, darling!! That love cocktail and some pain chasers sound delicious — secret ingredients, too… a clandestine drink, to boot ❤ Thank you for the drink and the chuckle. xoxo

    Liked by 2 people

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