Cryin Pennies



I can feel the blood on the back of my tongue from my sinuses that won’t open up even though I’m not smoking anymore for all the good I do cigarettes and magazines still haunt me till want is a need

And what I need are 2 shoes hangin on a wire between  2 electric poles blowin in the wind I can feel the blood on the back of my tongue like suckin 2 pennies wishing I could make them cry again

And don’t ask me if I smoked a cigarette

Cause I didn’t



7 thoughts on “Cryin Pennies

  1. Hey there my dear Sheldon!!!
    oooohhh I hate sinuses ..and the ugggg taste..the pressure…uggg ..poor thing I feel for ya…I think over the last 6 years I have tried so many otc for the headache and sinuses ..Have you tired that neti pot (Sp)??? it cleans and clears out the sinuses …you can buy more packets that comes with it at the store you buy the pot at…when I remember and use it , it does help a lil…I too on the look for a good sinuses otc ..but as of today pretty good so I am thankful I can breath in that aspect …lol..
    I believe you ..have no reason not too….so no need to ask lol…..
    your head feel likes a big balloon ?? …you may if it gets to bad get an Rx from a dr…but I know they said it was going to be bad for sinus suffers this year (here) maybe there too.. I will send you a box of tissue if needed my good friend….

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      1. Well hell lol…everyone I know is having real trouble with sinuses so I thought you were lmao ….N NO not going to open any windows here today…tooo damn hot n humid lol…yes the air has been on for a day… : )
        Huggggs to you Sheldon…

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  2. I don’t ask any more…it doesn’t make a difference…love ya regardless….sinus issues suck, I mean blow, I mean what a royal,pain in the arse….but I know better days are coming…and I know a sinus issue is just another side effect of being on the right path…or touching a grocery cart that isn’t sterilized….anywho…I feel good, I feel positive for you and that my friend, is a healthy balance….go Super Sheldon, Go….Alll….The…..Way…..sorry, Super Bowl, touchdown reference for you, because champions rise…with a little help….like you’ve been for me……meditation tonight….healing….good things….and most of all, a good path of positivity. Good night dear friend,🦄 Believe in the magic that is life🙃

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  3. When I start thinking about the shopping cart
    I know it’s time to quit
    I am crazy
    I will be the first to admit
    But worrying about germs is not one of my phobias
    I’m from the school
    Of the five second rule
    Thank you Kim

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