The Devil wears the

suit of sabotage

As I go window shopping

How do you change your

style even when you

know that sabotaging

Is not your style anymore

You love that look

Where the party is

When your pants

Meet your shoes

You can’t help


The devil

And what

You wear

Oh for the

Love of


&how good

It feels to wear


20 thoughts on ““Fashion”

  1. Because the devil knows that out there in this world is finery worthy of a soul….a soul filled with style…with bling, and with a suit coat made of diamond dust…oooh…bop bop bop…oh ah, fashion, yeah, like that๐Ÿ˜Š Diamond dogs baby, you are my hero…for ever and ever….oh my…don’t get me going back there, happy and light….crossing appendages…peace.

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