My Hat, My Words


My physical

Is at a all time low

I was hit when

I wasn’t lookin

But as far as

I can tell

It wasn’t what

I was suppose

To be doin

A flash of lite

Saved me

While a red

Streak tried

To take me


I’m as sharp

As a tack

But my drive

Has been driven

& Comfort is about all

I’ve been given

Trust me I’ve tried……….

My physical won’t let me

So for now

The dust will be my hat

And the wind will be the breath of my words

“When the pen be pushin

I gots no choice but to spell”


10 thoughts on “My Hat, My Words

  1. The image looks like a race car driver from the sixties…hope you aren’t speeding….more turtle speed eh? Love,the wind being the breath of,your words…you go Sheldon, checkered flag of art and words is callin’ peace and love, Kim…and good afternoon too.

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  2. If this were about me, the lines I’d take most comfort from are “Mentally / I’m as sharp / As a tack.” I want to keep my physical health of course, but losing the ability to think clearly is the thing that really terrifies me.

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