All I want is a parking meter

For a grave stone

With the red flag

Sayin expired

Cause you can’t





Will never die

I’ve been Crazy

For so long

It keeps me

From going Insane

You can take

The one out

Of the other

But you better

Insert somethin

Cause a hole

Without a stopper

Is just plain insane

When you throw

The dice you’ll

Always see the

Eyes of the snake

I’ve been


For so long

there’s no hope

Because being


Just ain’t……

It’s the




21 thoughts on ““SK”

  1. Good morning, love the sketch,simple yet you can feel the intensenes in the facial shading,
    I love the parking meter part the best, so visual and a thought I’ve never thought of or heard before.
    And oh how music inspires, I love that song….always makes me Teary eyed….how are you? Hope because you’re putting so much awesomeness out there, you must be doing good😊Happy Tuesday my friend, it is Tuesday I think….losing track of days these days….too much chillin’ and relaxing between fun. Peace, love and going off the rail…..haha😀

    Liked by 1 person

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