Studio 31


Sticks and stones

may break your


But the laughter

and words

echoes all their names

Being a person

upon this land

Is a shadow

amongst us all

If you can’t see you

Are you really there

I wish I knew

the answer but

the physical evidence

Isn’t  enough to

provide a solution

It was a blank

slate that could

be the most


Being an existor

never gives a true

sense of belonging

A child is born


It’s only time

that takes

and gives

till that once

Is a child no more

You wake in the


Till sleep do we part

There are 31

Which poison

Do you prefer


3 thoughts on “Studio 31

  1. Just having a conversation with my dear mother about existence this morning. Somewhere between beauty and sick joke is where I Think we left it.

    A thought provoking poem, cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

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