I wish the stars would answer

Yet there to high in the sky to listen

In a sky that’s for all us of to hear

I wish I knew the answer

Maybe I heard it once in a dream

I can’t sleep all the time

hoppin to hear it again

Could life be that……..

I wish I knew

For all the time I had

I forgot to ask for reasons

I forgot to say how come

And when I finally shut my mouth and paid

It’s not the long words

It’s not the all I thought it was

It’s just what life is





12 thoughts on ““ISM”

  1. My father died with his mouth open. I kept trying to shut it, because it looked terrible and because Jewish custom prescribes dying with one’s mouth closed. Try as I might, it would not stay shut. He refused to be shut up! So off he went with his mouth wide open.

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  2. I’m all about the stars, often they ignore my questions….or so I think, I open my mouth yet nothing comes in response, for the words have already gone, up into cosmic dust. Lovely piece my friend, lovely….I do adore stars….they shine on….even when memory drifts away.

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