Guess Who



Finger nails to a blackboard

That piercing sound

I can feel each nail as it screeches across………

All as the mind races

as I’m drag behind each obsession

With rumination handing me the baton

I can feel the anxiety pumping

like blood through my veins

Sourced by anxiety I could thunder and spike the sky

How anxiety has that lasting effect of

too many shots the nite before

All for that lasting metallic taste and dry mouth

To say

Don’t forget me

Cause I won’t forget you



13 thoughts on “Guess Who

  1. I am writing something about anxiety ..what are the chances of……. “I can feel the anxiety pumping like blood through my veins”How true..
    Love this whole piece Mr Sheldon my dear friend…

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  2. To post that image
    With the words following,
    Wow….I mean really, wow….
    Brilliance or a kick in the face reminder
    Of someone people followed
    En mass I might add
    And now we know…
    If the artistry is lost
    For what indeed churns a stomach
    The sheeple who follow blindly…
    Always follow
    Gut instinct…
    But I think you know that,
    That’s why you’re brilliant my friend.
    Wow…still shaking my head, like wow, yeah baby,
    Awesomeness….the world often needs a kick
    Reminders are like …you know…

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