Torn Paper


The paper was torn

Does that mean it can’t be whole again

Reasons can’t be told for the scraps

What can be said for the newness of found sheets

To write upon

To bring back what once was

The paper can be torn

But the thought is never destroyed

It comes in words to be written

As memories of……..

The newness of the morrows Sun

Life will

As I  write again



19 thoughts on “Torn Paper

      1. Hope you get back to normal soon, although you’ve been putting out some lovely pieces lately…not that you don’t always😀 peace and love, think I may venture to the beach today….we shall see…always good for the soul and psyche, perhaps finding more sharks teeth….peace and light, Kim

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      1. I saw that in person
        What a mistake that was
        It look like a postage stamp
        In this huge room
        To this day I still wonder
        Guess it’s just me
        More impressed with the building
        Then the painting
        Paris was a blast

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