Towering Menace


Tower menace hovers above

While hangers wait for words to spew

What makes a menace fit inside big shoes

& think their words are our laws

While everyone else is not worth the air of their speech

A pea for a brain, in comparison to their frame

I see and wonder why did they think

they would be the ones who could command 

with their minds as well as their hands

Their isn’t an answer for there evil that lurks w/in

For domination is always key

And that key is kept close

For an unopened door is how to keep

their secrets to their quiet storm

I know what you are thinking

But this was not written about you know who (Donald Trump)

This was written about the power of the

dominating People in general



8 thoughts on “Towering Menace

  1. I didn’t think it was written about “you know who”. 🙂
    Yes, the key for domination is kept close by those in power. Powerful piece (no pun intended) and great accompanying picture.

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    1. Everything I do I’ve taught myself
      It has taken quite a long time to perfect my skill
      I’m still learning everyday
      If you stay at it you can have what I have
      There isn’t any magic just lots of practice and patience
      Trust me I hear your words
      You will be great
      If not already there
      There’s plenty of room
      The Sheldon Perspective

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