Screen Gems



Let’s go to the Saturday matinee

When everything  was all day event

And the cartoons were the best part



14 thoughts on “Screen Gems

  1. Oh the fun of the movies, although for me there weren’t many cartoons, that was a Saturday morning tv fest….scooby doo and Josie and the pussycats….but my fave was on Sunday, movies for a Sunday afternoon, Tarzan, the old black and white monster flicks, the werewolf, Frankenstein….oh what joyous frightful fun those ones were….excellent collage, fun happy art.

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  2. Scary just like the background tower…..lalalalala….enjoying the bliss of happiness, leaving the rest behind, just like the background….look forward to good days….how I missed that….hmmmm…and I’m on my game tonight too😊

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