A Woman


She was a woman who knew her darkness, yet with all her…..

She still had a life

And city full of

Sites, soundtracks,and flowers


16 thoughts on “A Woman

      1. I have no idea how you do all this…boy you just got it in ya for sure…I always look forward to what you have to say ..even when I don’t comment …I like it…I love all your post..but this one did hit home..but I so enjoyed it…as always
        I think your roll will continue for ever my dear Sheldon..it’s in your blood…It’s in your soul…
        me …

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  1. This is wow, words cannot say enough, wow…makes me feel like there are those out there who get it. Wow.
    Always and in a happy place
    Got some good news
    Published piece, no pay just baseball tickets,
    But in a free publication half of Florida may see,
    And now this….
    You’ve shot me to cloud ten.

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      1. Thanks Sheldon,
        Of course as it comes on the heels of your post, made it that much more special. Things going well, tired hands from painting the concrete yesterday but now we get to take a break…I think….haha, good morning
        Peace and love,

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  2. Lifestyles after 50 southwest Florida edition. Will be in July’s issue. I’ll send it to email for you to read shortly….no sharing,,but I know you won’t . Peace and excitement and another hot one on tap😊

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