We send our boys to war

They come back man

But who fights for them now

And where their child play

Who are we fighting against

With our collapsible guns

Turning against  us

And where do the child play


11 thoughts on “War

  1. “We send our boys to war…They come back man..But who fights for them now”……Very powerful… our own government sends them off to fight and die and when and if they make it home our government won’t help these men and women…sad for sure…

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      1. : ( They don’t play anymore….they can’t play inside/outside a war zone…not safe in the homes…
        The kids they send to fight for our government that come back men have lost their childhood and suffer so much worse when back in the states…Some with children can not even function and play with there own child when the man comes home…if he/she even has a home..more and more living off the streets and this is the thanks our government gives them…for fighting as a child ..a child that no longer exist maybe only in a few clips in memory …

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