Roxy Diamond


Why do the good

get called before

their time

How do you get

to heaven when

there’s so much


in the world

I’m askin these


Cause it’s who I am

How do you separate

from what is

To what isn’t

Reality is such a


Place to live

Especially when you

are bangin the rails

Will I ever be the

same as I  once was

After I’ve seen

Them bury life

I have been too many



beside the grave

When they shovel

the dirt into that hollow hole

The sound it makes

when it hits the casket

You know you’ll never

see them again

Those tears are to real

My heart was to broken

And in a twinkle of her eye

She was gone that fast

I was with her

the weekend before


Now I was left standing

.sayin goodbye & prayers


This was a circumstance of life

That happen to when I was much younger

It’s the first time I’ve ever written about

it’s a true story………….

Be gentle

Thank you

The Sheldon Perspective


16 thoughts on “Roxy Diamond

  1. Such a soul stirring and heartfelt post Sheldon, sometimes history gives us the best words after the fact for a reason. I’m glad you found yours and shared. Peace and love, Kim…gentle enough? smiles 🙂

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  2. When someone dear to you dies when you’re young, the impact is felt so much more differently as you grow older. Death, to a young person, feels so distant and incomprehensible. As we age, death is no longer a stranger in the distance… he’s sharper and more in focus. I love how you write, Sheldon — not many writers move me to ponder the things that you do. Thank you.

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