The I’s


Who are the I’s

Who gaze  upon us

Who stand  there pointing their fingers

While shaking their heads

Who says what we are not

Or what we should be

Are they to  be held accountable

for their actions too

As we are

Inocence is never proven

And quilty is a given

What justice is there when that

Justice is question that goes unanswered

We are all one now

There is no more definition in the masses, the guns took our identity away

Our eyes have been blinded by

the black Smoke of hate

And the fire of rage is out of control

We are left holding hands

With our prayers

With our hopes

With these words on our lips

As well as in our hearts



4 thoughts on “The I’s

  1. Wow and wow again. Very powerful piece, Sheldon, and so wonderful! Your work has sky-rocketed in terms of improvement since I last read. It’s been too long since I’ve visited here….we are terribly busy with our move (I do think I told you a bit about it?) I’ve not kept up with many people and things and probably won’t get to until after we get settled. We plan to be in Washington state by the first week in August; then we have to find someplace to live (we have a temporary arrangement for the first few weeks). Be assured that I will come back and catch up and do my best to keep up when I can. Take care. Peace and Blessings, Sara

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