Old 88


The sudden


Of that jolt

The man in blue

How I always

Wanted one of those hats

How a big piece of machinery

A huge fascination…….

It was a site

And a very distinct sound

That a kid will always


as he is growing up

A bus ride was……..

But being on a train

Was something all

Together different

Going somewhere

Away from  home

A dad wasn’t driving

Or making demands

What a thrill to be in that

Frame of time

So much freedom

A Passerage on a train

With sits going the wrong way

Life as the track

The window  as this constant

With no on/off switch

A car with food

And never needing to……

Till the final

When the man in blue called…..

And you knew you have arrived



7 thoughts on “Old 88

  1. love this…Mr Sheldon … : )
    I have always wanted to travel on a train..No worries about paying attention just looking out the windows and the food and meeting new people…maybe someday ….until then I will enjoy this post very much so..

    Liked by 1 person

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