Squares Calling


You can’t cry for me   those tears aren’t real    the only pain is knowing how it feels    I’ve lived these tears as a child fears

many tears, many fears,not know a quarter from a dime,sleep walking till I woke to find I was outside     you can’t cry for me

those aren’t real tears    only if you know what it means to hear

I’ll give you something you can really cry about     the fear of life

and to know how to live    is not learning     its trauma

folding paper into squares just for………

as I was the peg trying to answer the squares calling



9 thoughts on “Squares Calling

  1. I think of folded squares like those,things we made as children, you’d pick a color, pick a number and I think it told you who you had a crush on…..I think my page was blank😀😀


  2. Excellent piece — I often feel like the odd one out in life’s situations. Learning to embrace who I am and not worry what others think are still challenging for me to do, but it gets easier as the years roll by.

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