Unbroken Circle

 menacing figure

dressed in all white

with a tall white hat

living in a box

don’t be fooled

by their

crushed proof

to keep the unseason out

only I  could stand

his merciful attack

pointing it in the

direction of the trash

I did such a deed

3 months w/out a cigarette

I’ve done the unmanageable

with a turkey

& willingness

that goes beyond

for this day

& prayers

for many more

I say those who want but refuse

you can too20160504_215637

as long as


is stronger

then that huge


In your head






13 thoughts on “Unbroken Circle

  1. Your artwork and words are superb. I really loved how you not only acknowledged your strengths in kicking that habit but also the encouragement you offered to others, as well. I admire you so much, Sheldon.

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