Crumb Daddy


Who’s your

Crumb Daddy

Is he the man

when you

are in need

He’ll pinch

when you’re

in pain

Only never

keep askin

Cause a sloppy

man who can’t………

is a don’t that Mr C  won’t……….

Crumb Daddy is

the man who gives

Only if you know

the secret handshake

Exclusively given

to those

who can’t……..

Crumb Daddy

is the man

When you’re in need

Just remember to


how much do you……..

Or what is your need

I wanted to write something different

about pain be it physical or mental


I’m not in too much pain

Just enough to have to be seeing Dr

Enough to drive me crazy

The Sheldon Perspective






11 thoughts on “Crumb Daddy

  1. not anytime soon
    it’s going to be a mental departure
    Not all in the physical sense
    Their pokin and priding
    Shit I’ve been fuvked up
    For so long
    I’m just going to have to get used to
    What’s left of this body of mine
    Enjoy what I got
    And forget about what I don’t
    It’s old age slowly coming

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  2. Good morning sunshine,
    sending more healing thoughts your way,
    aging sucks the mightiest straws….
    bodies break down
    Doctors ….don’t need to say anything there….
    hoping you’re feeling a tinge better,
    been trying to make subtle changes here on my end
    standing more and getting off my Ask….haha…..
    need to go job hunting, not ’cause we need the money,
    ’cause I need to do something besides sit here and think and go cray….
    Peace and love,

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  3. This wasn’t necessarily written about pain
    Crumb Daddy
    Happen after I had written something
    God I could go back and look
    But why cut the head off a chicken
    Just see it scrum
    Lots of things happen
    Very quickly for me
    When I’m in the zone
    Where does it come from
    Walk inside my shoes
    Peace of Mind


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